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Place your order for 2" SS Font with 170mm x 190mm Backing

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Font Type
Arial CNF Geek Omi Times

Please remember to select font type

($9 per digit/number)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
House Unit No.
Total of Digit/Number only
$ For your reference (cost of digits and backing only, delivery not included (see below for price))
Design A Design B Design C
Vertical Horizontal Vertical

Please take note that the wordings "FLOOR", "UNIT" and 2 bars (for Design C) are stickers and not stainless steel
Standard Size of Matt Black acrylic backing is 170mm width x 190mm height.
We will get back to you should the font choosen or number of digits is not able to fit into the standard backing size.
Durable double-sided tapes will be taped on the back of the acrylic plate.
Delivery Method (local delivery only) :
Door Step Delivery = $10
Payment : Via Bank Transfer or Paylah!/PayNow Mobile (we will get back to you with the information)
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